5 Ways to Make money online From Blog For Beginners

Many people want to make money online but now time no one has the trust to make money online. on the whole internet, there are groups of people doing scams that’s why people have low trust in making money online. Today I tell you the Top 10 ways to make money beginner-friendly so I’m not gonna lie if you are a student or need a side hustle then this article gives you the best information about all of your questions and answers. You see in many articles and videos say do this do that or invest here do this But I’m not telling that trash.

The top ways to make money online are no investment you can do this without any problem however if you do the right research on sites then you know who is real pay you But I know you are student or job men so don’t worry I tell you those real ways to make money many people including me do these ways to make money then I tell you here and you just need your laptop or computer to do this and need your time any work need time to take first payment and yes also need a good internet connection. So let’s break down some real ways to make money online.

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Make money online From Blog: 5 REAL WAYS


Ok, guys don’t get angry at me because I know that you know about Adsense if you have a website and you get traffic from google you apply for AdSense. This is a Google product so when someone clicks on your ad then you get paid some sent or Doller and google cut her percentage then you get money and Withdrawl criteria is $100. This is the easy one your think know that.


Again guys don’t get angry at me because I know that you know about content writing but I tell you that I think you waiting for content for your website but you can do it for other people do freelancing you can make money by writing for others if you do then your skill batting strong and you can make money $500 from one article.


Gust post I don’t know how many people know about this but this I a very good way to make money you have to good amount of traffic on your website or you have some Authority on your website. many people make $1000 money per post. Gut post means you want your article posted on my website with your website do-follow link and for this, you give money what I Charge from you according to my website.


Affiliate Marketing I know many of you guys know about Affiliate and this is another easy way to make money from your blog or website. On the internet, you get many affiliate programs to join and promote their products through a special link many affiliate marketers make more than $5000 per month and you can do also basically first you can do an amazon affiliate if someone buys a product through then you make money. promote products that are related to your blog or website.


If you don’t have much traffic on your blog or website then do GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICE to make some money. You can pitch someone to you can make graphics or you can use Freelancing platforms like Upwork, fiver, freelancer, etc. many people make $5 – $100 upon their work this is very easy to make money while their low traffic or no traffic in your blog or website. if you ask how to get a client because those platforms gatting clients is hard then I recommend Facebook groups.


I think many people don’t know about this and but this is also a good option to make money before you do it you need to know about Hosting and how to make and manage a blog or website. Now you are good to go, so for clients, you need to pitch some people to do this and you can create a website for those people and you charge to do this. many people do this and make more than $3000 monthly. There are also many ways to make money from your Blog or Website.


So you can make money these easy ways and also there are more ways to make but one thing keep in your mind that Patience in the main key if you don’t get any clients then don’t give up give time, do some smart work and then you can also make money without any problem. Many people do and they make $2000 per month, So why you can’t do it. make your blog keep posting and you also can make money online without any investment.

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